Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many acres do I need to enroll in the Hawai‘i Forest Stewardship Program?

You must own and intend to manage a minimum of five (5) acres of forested or previously forested-land to enroll in the program. Neighboring landowners are allowed to combine their land under one project to meet the minimum requirement.

I am leasing 25 acres of agricultural land.  Do I qualify for the Hawai‘i Forest Stewardship Program?

Yes, if your lease is for over ten (10) years then you qualify for the program.  Interested parties must have a controlling interest in the proposed Forest Stewardship project site.  Land interest such as a lease, land licenses, fee owner and others may be eligible for the program.

How do I apply for the Hawai‘i Forest Stewardship Program?

Interested landowners are asked to submit a project proposal for review by the Forest Stewardship Advisory Committee (FSAC) at one of their quarterly meetings. Those with accepted proposals will be invited to write and submit a full management plan that must cover a period of 10 years for review by the FSAC. 

How long of a commitment is required under the Hawai‘i Forest Stewardship Program?

All Forest Stewardship Agreements are for at least ten (10) years after which the State may require a maintenance period in which the project is to be maintenance in the state that was created under the Forest Stewardship Program.  For projects that will eventually harvest trees from the project site, applicants are required to enter into an additional maintenance period of twenty (20) years, making a total agreement term of thirty (30) years.  Other maintenance periods for Forest Stewardship projects can be negotiated with the State.

What if I sell my property before the end of my agreement period?

The Forest Stewardship Agreement is a binding contract on you and your property, thus the new owner will be subject or held accountable to the agreement and management plan for that property. If the buyer does not agree to continue with the program, the original applicant is subject to the repayment to the government for all funds given under the project and the agreement is terminated. Please refer to page three of the Forest Stewardship Handbook for additional information.

How much funding will FSP provide?

FSP is a reimbursement program and can provide up to 50% (of actual cost) in cost-share assistance for (1) development of a management plan and (2) plan implementation. Due to limited state funding, the provision of plan implementation funding is a competitive process, where the FSAC will rank and prioritize approved management plans for implementation funding.

What about invasive species?

FSP will not fund the planting of any invasive species. The program will aid landowners with control and management of invasive species through the management plan. If you are unsure about the invasiveness of a species, please refer to the Hawai‘i Ecosystems at Risk, DOFAW’s Alien Species, Kaululani Invasive Species Workshop, or Hawai‘i Weed Risk Assessment.

Will I have to complete an Environmental Assessment (EA) to enter into the Hawai‘i Forest Stewardship Program?

Some Forest Stewardship projects may be required to complete and submit an Environmental Assessment under State law.  Projects that involve activities done on State Conservation District land, are involved in an eventual harvest of trees planted or maintained under the program, and/or some fence construction may require an EA.

Detailed information about the Hawai‘i Forest Stewardship Program can be found in the Forest Stewardship Handbook link below.