Stewards by Island

Stewards by Island

Across the state, the Forest Stewardship Program supports over 50 projects with various management objectives, such as native forest restoration/conservation, agroforestry, and timber production. 

Interactive map of stewardship projects


Location: Kipahulu, Maui

Size: 121 acres

Year enrolled: 2005

Project goals:
-Native forest restoration
-Native wildlife habitat creation
-Sustainable agroforestry that incorporates both timber trees and understory agroforestry species

Location: Kalihi Valley, O‘ahu

Size: 20 acres

Year enrolled: 2008

Project goals:
-Restoration of a native koa forest with a mixed understory of agroforestry species
-Community engagement through volunteer, educational, and cultural programs

Location: Waikoloa, Hawai‘i

Size: 275 acres

Year enrolled: 2009

Project goals:
-Restoration of a native wiliwili dry forest  
-Protection of endangered dry forest species
-Community education and outreach

Location: He‘eia, O‘ahu

Size: 30 acres

Year enrolled: 2012

Project goals:
-Native species restoration and habitat improvement
-Enhance forest recreational opportunities
-Community outreach and education

Location: Waimea Valley, O‘ahu

Size: 101.5 acres

Year enrolled: 2015

Project goals:
-Conserve and restore mesic native forest and riparian areas
-Community outreach and education

Location: Kapaa, Kaua‘i

Size: 80 acres

Year enrolled: 2014

Project goals:
-Convert non-native grassland to hardwood plantations of koa and mahogany
-Native forest restoration
-Provide a local seed source for wilt resistant koa

Location: Makawao, Maui

Size: 100 acres

Year enrolled: 2017

Project goals:
-Native forest restoration
-Develop a silvopastoral practice as a management tool for weed suppression and restoration
-Community outreach and education