Lanaʻi Cooperative Game Management Area

Lanaʻi Cooperative Game Management Area

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The Lānaʻi Cooperative Game Management Area (LCGMA), encompassing approximately 30,000 acres, is located on the northwest portion of Lānaʻi with the southernmost boundary extending from the western shore off of Kaumalapau Highway and traveling east along said road to #57 road. From #57 road heading in a north-northeasterly direction along the former pineapple field to the junction of Polihua Road and Kaʻa Road. At the junction heading in a southeasterly direction to the Horse Pasture connecting to Keomoku Road and following said road to the northeastern shore of Lanai. The Kanepuʻu Easement Area and other exclosures are excluded from the LCGMA. The game bird season runs from November through January. Game mammal hunting opportunities for Axis deer are from late February through mid-May, and Mouflon sheep hunting opportunities are from late-July through late-October. All game mammal hunting opportunities requires applications and the purchasing of game tags.

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Permits & Rules

All hunting on Lānaʻi and through the State of  Hawaii is guided by the Rules Regulating Game Bird Hunting, Field Trials, and Commercial Shooting Preserves under Chapter 13-122 and the Rules Regulating Game Mammal Hunting under Chapter 13-123. Hunters are required to check-in and out of public hunting areas either through a Hunter Check Station (HCS) or via our mobile app OuterSpatial. To apply for hunts and purchasing of tags and permits for Lānaʻi public hunting areas visit our Go Hunt website. For information on Hunter Education, hunting licenses, or other issues, visit the statewide Hunting Homepage. The following additional conditions and restrictions apply to Lānaʻi CGMA:

  • All hunting units on Lānaʻi are owned by cooperating landowner. Access, conditions for the hunt, and public use conditions are subject to the terms of the lease agreement.
  • Second tags may be offered at no cost as conditions allow. Confirm with the Wailuku office of the Division of Forestry and Wildlife before hunting at (808) 984-8100.
  • Game bird hunting in Unit 3 will be only by the main perimeter roads (“Guard Road” and “No. 57 Road). Abandoned field plot roads are closed for safety reasons.
  • Game mammal hunting in Unit 3 is restricted to archery only for safety reasons.

Game Birds

For details on game bird rules for Lānaʻi’s hunting units see Exhibit 7 from Chapter 13-122, HAR. Additional info is available on the statewide Game Bird Hunting page. Lānaʻi Cooperative GMA (Units 1, and 2, and 3) will be open for game bird hunting on Saturdays, Sundays, and State Holidays for the entire game bird season. Access to Hunting Unit 3 will be only by the main perimeter roads (“Guard Road” and “No. 57 Road”). Abandoned field plot roads are closed for safety reasons.

An image of a ring-necked pheasantRing-necked Pheasant

An image of a green pheasantGreen Pheasant

An image of a Gambel's quailGambelʻs Quail

An image of a California quailCalifornia Quail

An image of a Japanese quailJapanese Quail

An image of a Chukar Partridge

Chukar Partridge

An image of an Erckel's FrancolinErckel’s Francolin

An image of a spotted doveSpotted Dove

An image of a barred doveBarred Dove

An image of a wild turkeyWild Turkey

Game Mammals

For details on game mammal rules for Lānaʻi’s hunting units see Exhibit 7 from Chapter 13-123, HAR. Additional info is also available on our statewide Game Mammal Hunting page.

An image of Axis deerAxis Deer (Tag required)

An image of mouflon sheepMouflon Sheep (Tag required)

Additional Resources 

Game mammal and Game bird hunting opportunities are offered on the six major islands in the State of Hawai‘i: (Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, Maui, Moloka‘i, Lāna‘i and Hawai‘i Island). Each of these islands has one or more State-designated public hunting areas (called Hunting Units), which are open for hunting at certain times during each year. Game mammal and game bird hunting opportunities are also available on private lands as well. Occasionally, the Division of Forestry & Wildlife (DOFAW) may modify or cancel a hunting season in a particular area to adjust for changes in weather conditions or animal populations. For more information visit the Division of Forestry and Wildlife Hunting Website.