Natural Area Reserves System

NARS (Hono O Na Pali, Ahihi Kinau, Kaala)

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The statewide Natural Area Reserves System (NARS) was established to preserve in perpetuity specific land and water areas which support communities, as relatively unmodified as possible, of the natural flora and fauna, as well as geological sites, of Hawai‘i.

The system presently consists of 20 reserves on five islands, encompassing 123,431 acres of the State’s most unique ecosystems. The diverse areas found in the NARS range from marine and coastal environments to lava flows, tropical rainforests, and even an alpine desert. Within these areas one can find rare endemic plants and animals, many of which are on the edge of extinction.

NEWS: Public Hearing to be held June 5, 2014 on the proposed extensions of Puu Makaala and Kipahoehoe Natural Area Reserves. Visit the following links to learn more:

Public notice letter

Proposal to nominate the Extension of the Puu Makaala Natural Area Reserve

Proposal to nominate the Extension of the Kipahoehoe Natural Area Reserve


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