Student Resources: Finger Puppets, Masks, Coloring Books and More

Welcome to the Division of Forestry and Wildlife and thank you for taking the time to learn about Hawai’i’s natural and cultural resources.

If you want to learn about a specific threatened or endangered plant, animal, or insect, please view the species fact sheets here.

As part of Hawaii’s rich natural heritage, the native birds, animals and plants of Hawai’i are fascinating.  Many of our species are on the verge of extinction and need your support to stay healthy and safe.  Learn more about them in our downloadable resources and activities below!  

Finger Puppets

Akepa Finger Puppet Akiapōlā’au Finger Puppet ^ ‘Alalā Finger Puppet ^
‘Amakihi Finger Puppet ^ ‘Elepaio Finger Puppet ^ ‘I’iwi Finger Puppet ^
‘Ō’hiā Finger Puppet ^ ‘O’opu Alamo’o Finger Puppet ^ ‘Ōpae’ula Finger Puppet ^
Pinao’ula Finger Puppet ^

Pinao’ula Finger Puppet
(Wings Only / Body Only) ^ 

Pulelehua Finger Puppet ^


Masks and Headbands

‘Alalā Mask / Crown ^ ‘I’iwi Mask / Crown ^ Lehua Crown ^
‘Elepaio Mask / Crown (Color) ^ ‘Elepaio Mask / Crown (No Color) ^  Kāhuli Headband (Color) ^
Kāhuli Headband (No Color) ^ Pinao’ula Headband (Color) ^ Pinao’ula Headband (No Color) ^
Yellow-faced Bee Headband (Color) ^ Yellow-faced Bee Headband (No Color) ^  


Coloring In

 Forest Jewels of Hawai’i Coloring Book ^ Hawaiian Endangered Animals Coloring Book ^ Koa Bug Life Cycle Coloring Sheet
‘Ōhi’a Love Coloring Sheet ^ Pinao’ula Postcard ^ Pu’u Koa Postcard ^
ROD Postcard ^ Wēkiu Bug Postcard  


‘Ōhi‘a for Our Future Board Game

‘Ōhi‘a for Our Future
Board Game

‘Ōhi‘a for Our Future
Board Game Pieces

‘Ōhi‘a for Our Future
Board Game Cards

Interactive Online Activities

Ohia interactive poster    
ʻŌhiʻa Hold Up the Sky Interactive Poster    


Other Activities

Cloud Catcher Activity ^ ‘Elepaio Ornament Craft ^ Let’s Swim Ōpai’ula! Activity ^
 ‘Elepaio Song ^ Fold a Box Mini Project ^ Forest Fairy Paper Doll Craft ^
Little Lehua Paper Doll Craft ^ Happy Face Spider Color Traceable ^ ‘Io Flier ^
Ōpai’ula Life Cycle Craft ^   Wēkiu Bug Life Cycle Craft  Build a Lehua Playdoh Sheet ^
Just Hatched
Holiday Ornament
‘Ōhi‘a Ornament Craft – Green ^ ‘Ōhi‘a Ornament Craft – White ^ 


Do you still have questions?  Please feel free to contact our offices and mahalo for your kokua!