Wildlife Projects

Nearly half of Hawaii’s endemic bird species are endangered, posing significant challenges to management agencies charged with their protection and recovery. Our integrated approach emphasizes basic research to understand the biology of particular species, mitigation and control of threats and limiting factors, ecosystem restoration and protection of suitable managed habitat, education and outreach, and captive propagation and reintroduction programs. Please see below for ongoing wildlife projects:

ʻAlalā Project logo

The Alala Project

Restore Mauna Kea logo

Mauna Kea Forest Restoration Project

Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program

Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project

Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project

Koloa Maoli Research Project

Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project

Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project

Kauai Nene Habitat Conservation Plan


Kauai Seabird Habitat Conservation plan