How to Apply

How to Apply (updated July 3, 2019)  CLICK HERE FOR UPDATE SUMMARY

The application period for two grant funding cycles (FY20 and FY21) is now open.

To complete a Legacy Land Conservation Program grant application for FY20 funding, create a login at:

To complete a Legacy Land Conservation Program grant application for FY21 funding, create a login at:

An application may be submitted for one cycle or both cycles.

Final application deadline for each cycle (online application and paper application) is July 22, 2019.

The Legacy Land Conservation Commission will review the applications for both grant cycles on the same timeline.  Estimated schedule for final grant approval and availability of funding:

FY20 grant funding cycle:            November  2019 or later

FY21 grant funding cycle:            September 2020 or later


May 6, 2019:           Application Materials Available

Forms for FY20 grant application and FY21 grant application available now at Forms page.

 May 24, 2019:       Submit Form 5 for agency consultation to:

                              Department of Land and Natural Resources (with Form 5a)

                              Department of Agriculture (with Form 5b)

                              Agribusiness Development Corporation (with Form 5c)                       

July 8, 2019:           Applicant received Form 5 response from each consulting agency

July 22, 2019:        APPLICATION DEADLINE 

July 30, 2019:        Legacy Land Conservation Commission (LLCC), Public Meetings

August 2019:         LLCC, Field Visits with Applicants

Sept. 4-6, 2019:    LLCC, Public Meetings (decisionmaking on September 6, 2019)

For assistance, please contact the Program office at (808) 586-0921.