How to Apply

How to Apply (updated January 10, 2020)  

TENTATIVE APPLICATION TIMELINE for the FY22 grant funding cycle:

January 16, 2020:           Application Materials Available

February 13, 2020:       Submit Form 5 for agency consultation to:

                              Department of Land and Natural Resources (with Form 5a)

                              Department of Agriculture (with Form 5b)

                              Agribusiness Development Corporation (with Form 5c)                       

March 27, 2020:           Applicant receives Form 5 response from each consulting agency

April  10, 2020:        APPLICATION DEADLINE 

April 21, 2020:        Legacy Land Conservation Commission (LLCC), Public Meeting

April-June 2020:         LLCC, Field Visits with Applicants

June 24-26, 2020:    LLCC, Public Meetings (includes decisionmaking; location influenced by applications submitted)

For assistance, please contact the Program office at (808) 586-0921.