Selection Process


1.  An applicant must complete and submit a Grant Application no later than the annual deadline, to be announced.  Be aware of preliminary deadlines for consulting with State agencies.

2.  The Legacy Land Conservation Commission will review the applications received, including a field visit to each property proposed for conservation.   During the review process, the Commission may ask an applicant to submit additional documents, such as updated appraisals and title reports; description of transaction costs and verification of matching funds status; status of permits; and other details of the acquisition process or cost descriptions.

3.  The Commission will discuss the merits of the applications in a public meeting and issue a funding recommendation.  After the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) consults with leadership in the State Legislature about the Commission recommendation, the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) will consider the recommendation in a public meeting and approve funding for selected applications.  DLNR will then request that the Governor approve and release funding for grant awards to the selected applicants.

4.  A county or non-profit awardee will receive an offer from BLNR to enter into a grant agreement for completing the land acquisition as proposed in the application.  The grant agreement is a contract with BLNR that is subject to approval by the Department of the Attorney General and the BLNR Chairperson.  Payment under the contract is subject to satisfactory completion of its terms and conditions, and the availability of funds from the Land Conservation Fund is subject to the approval and release of budgeted funds by the Governor.