Landscape of Hanawi

Acres: 7,500
Established: 1986
TMK: 1-2-4-5 (3087.7), 1-2-4-7 (9810.01)

This Reserve extends into subalpine zones of East Maui and includes a rare subalpine grassland, as well as shrublands and montane wet forests. These forests are valuable watershed, contain rare plants, and provide essential habitat for the state’s largest concentration of rare and endangered Hawaiian birds.

Natural Communities: 12 total, 1 rare
Native Plants:  135 total taxa, 11 rare
Native Animals: 13 total taxa, 6 rare

Plants and Anmials

image of 'akala

ʻAkala (Rubus hawaiensis)

image of 'ohelo

ʻOhelo (Vaccinium calycinum)

ʻŌhiʻa lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha)

image of ama'u

Amaʻu (Sadleria pallida)

image of koa

Koa (Acacia koa)

image of loulu

Loulu (Pritchardia martii)

image of mamaki

Māmaki (Pipturus albidus)

image of mamane

Māmane (Sophra chrysophylla)

image of uluhe

Uluhe (Dicranopteis linearis)





‘Akohekohe (Palmeria dolei)


Plans & Projects

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