Share Your Voice: Give Input on Plans, Policies, & Meetings

Share Your Voice: Give Input on Plans, Policies, & Meetings

A photo of mountains with the words Share your voice- a guide to public input opportunities related to the Division of Forestry & Wildlife

Forestry & Wildlife receives input from the public in order to help guide decisions on managing public resources. There are several ways outlined below in which people can share their thoughts and expertise with the division or other agencies related to our area of work. We aim to keep this page updated with current commenting opportunities, though users may also want to check our announcements or other webpages to make sure they are finding all available commenting opportunities.

Click the links below to jump to the section of this page that best describes how you’d like to provide input:

Not sure which option to choose? Jump to the bottom of this page for some civics help on what we mean by bills, statutes, administrative rules, resolutions, environmental assessments and impact statements, and management plans.

Send us a general comment or contact us directly

You can send us a note through the general form below. Note that this is for general comments and is not a way to submit a formal comment for any specific proposals. If you want comment on specific proposed administrative rules, plans, or other documents, that information is further down on this page. The form below will send your comment to our outreach staff. If you’d rather contact us directly, check our Contact Us page for phone and fax numbers, email addresses, directions to offices, and hotline numbers.

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Comment on Draft Administrative Rules, Compliance Documents, and Management Plans

Forestry & Wildlife shares a variety of draft documents in order to formally receive and document public comments. These include proposed changes to our administrative rules, compliance documents such as draft environmental assessments, and draft management plans for DOFAW-managed areas. Our website includes our current administrative rules, and compliance documents are managed by the Environmental Review Program (formerly known as the Office of Environmental Quality Control) at the State Planning Office, which publishes information about documents currently open for comment in The Environmental Notice. For convenience, we aim to also provide links to documents open for comment that are related to DOFAW below.

Document Document Type Address to submit comments Deadline
Biocontrol: General information on potential projects NA- general info for early consultation. Compliance documents expected later. Online at: None


Attend a Public Meeting of a Committee, Commission, or Council

Forestry & Wildlife manages committees, commissions, and councils related to our work. These groups hold meetings where input can be provided. Meetings of groups subject to Sunshine Law are posted ahead of time on the State Calendar. For meetings documents, visit the respective pages for the following committees, commissions, or councils.

You can find additional boards and commissions on the DLNR website.

A meeting of the Hawaiʻi Invasive Species Council

A public meeting of the Hawaiʻi Invasive Species Council