Legacy Land Conservation Program

Funding for the acquisition and protection of threatened resources

Many of Hawai‘i’s cultural, natural, agricultural, historical, and recreational resources are lost when private lands possessing these resources are sold and developed.  The Legacy Land Conservation Program provides grants to local organizations and agencies seeking to purchase and protect lands having these unique and rare valuable resources.

About the Legacy Land Conservation Program

The Legacy Land Conservation Program (LLCP) provides funding from the Land Conservation Fund for the acquisition of lands, including easements, for:

  • Click to download flierWatersheds protection
  • Parks
  • Coastal areas, beaches, and ocean access
  • Natural areas
  • Habitat protection
  • Agricultural production
  • Cultural and historical sites
  • Open spaces and scenic resources
  • Recreational and public hunting area

Grants from the Land Conservation Fund are available through Legacy Land Conservation Program to State agencies, counties, and non-profit land conservation organizations seeking funding to acquire property that has value as a resource to Hawai‘i. County agency or nonprofit land conservation organization grant recipients must provide matching funds of at least 25% of the total project costs.

The 2014-2015 (Fiscal Year 2015) grant cycle is now closed.  Please check this site in May 2015 for information regarding the next (Fiscal Year 2016) grant application cycle. Final awards are subject to the availability of funds and are also subject to budget restrictions and procedures implemented under Executive Biennium Budget Instructions.