Arbor Day Hawaiʻi

Arbor Day Hawaiʻi

Arbor Day Hawaii 2019 Statewide Project Summary

Take a look at the Arbor Day Hawaii 2019 Statewide Project Summary! (Click for PDF 101.8MB)

Arbor Day is a formally designated holiday around the world dedicated to honoring, planting and enjoying the benefits of trees. Arbor Day has been recognized in Hawaiʻi for over 110 years, and every November communities across the Hawaiian islands gather to celebrate trees!

November marks the beginning of the rainy season in Hawai‘i, which is the perfect time to plant a tree! Arbor Day in Hawaiʻi officially falls on the first Friday in November, however, tree adoptions and celebrations across the state typically take place on the first Saturday.

If you are a fan of trees, then you won’t want to miss another Arbor Day! Arbor Day is the one day, formally designated across our entire nation, to honor, plant and enjoy trees. Every November, all across Hawaiʻi people celebrate trees with free tree adoptions, tree planting, gardening demonstrations and woodworking and craft exhibits.

AGG Arbor Day 1“Arbor Day gives us the important opportunity to share with the community of [Hawaiʻi] the importance of urban forestry, and a grander scale, the importance of how urban forestry impacts the entire ecosystem of Hawaiʻi.”

  • – Keren Gundersen, Project Manager, Kauai Invasive Species Committee

Today, advocates of Arbor Day Hawaiʻi are big proponents of native and Polynesian introduced plants with a sprinkling of food trees and soil saving ground covers thrown in. The island giveaways have become a way to celebrate trees and gather with friends, new and old. Each islands’ giveaway has taken on a special character.

November 6th marked the 2021 Arbor Day celebrations in Hawaiʻi. Kaulunani wants to give a big mahalo to everyone who participated in making this day such a massive success! Thousands of plants found new homes and it could not have been done without months of dedication from tree loving folks across the islands. Watch these videos created by the Mālama Learning Center to catch a glimpse of 2021’s Arbor Day celebrations. Arbor Day 2021 at Waiʻanae. Arbor Day 2021 at HARC. (click the links to watch the videos!)

In 2022, Arbor Day celebrations will fall on November 5th. Thank you to everyone who applied for an Arbor Day grant. Applications will be reviewed and grant winners will be announced soon.

Kaulunani is a federally funded urban and community forestry program of the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) Division of Forestry and Wildlife and the USDA Forest Service. The program is operated by the non-profit organization Smart Trees Pacific.