Kaulunani Grant Program

Tree Planting at Blanche Pope Elementary

Kaulunani has awarded grants to hundreds of non-profit groups, schools, community organizations, parks, museums and arboretums. We fund proposals to support urban and community forestry projects and Arbor Day tree giveaway programs across the State.

Grant are awarded for projects that respond to a need identified in our Forest Action Plan (Urban-Issue 4). Most grant awards range between $500-$14,999. Large scale projects more than $14,999 may be considered with Program Staff consultation and will require a Pre-Proposal (see `ulu level below). Your urban forestry ideas are welcomed. Grants are awarded pending availability of federal funds.

The grants are all to projects that match or exceed the Kaulunani portion in cash and in-kind contributions.

Kaulunani’s grants have made nearly every urban area in Hawai‘i greener and more enjoyable through grants that have enabled the planting of trees and involved the community in caring for the ‘āina.


The application period for grants in 2018 is closed.  Thank you to all the applicants who applied!


The next grant award cycle is expected to begin in summer 2019.


2018 Kaulunani Community Grants: 

Grant Workshop Slides

Grant Webinar

Please review the new Guidelines below and select the appropriate application level for your project.

Step 1: When to Apply
Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis. Dates for 2018 are:

February 1
May 1
August 1

Step 2: Review the 2018 Revised Kaulunani Grant Program Guidelines

Step 3: Know Your Application Level and Download the Form:

Funding Range     

Grant Level /Applications 

$500-$2,499 `ILIMA Pre-Proposal

Arbor Day Max $10K

MĀMAKI Staff Consultation/ Proposal
$15,000-$300,000 `ULU** Staff Consultation/ Pre Proposal Responding to a Specific Opportunity
$500-$14,999 Cool Your School* Cool Your School Pre-Proposal

Step 4: Download the Budget Form

Kaulunani Budget Sheet (excel format) Must be included with your application.

NOTE: All Budget forms for tree planting/giveaway projects must include Weed Risk Assessment (WRA) scores. These can be found through the Plant Pono or Hawaii Weed Risk Assessment websites. Plants that have not yet been evaluated can be submitted for evaluation directly through the sites.

*Cool Your School grants- A grant program to help schools cool their campuses through tree plantings. To learn more, view submission deadlines, and submit a Pre-proposal see the document links in the table above.

**`ULU Grant Opportunities Timeline:

The table below lists some of the known opportunities for Urban & Community grant funding for which funding is available. We welcome your proposals to pursue any and all opportunities.   Contact us!    


Pre-proposal Deadline

Grant Deadline

Funding Range

Who Evaluates

Forest Service Level II (additional) UCF Funding


December 1 to FS Region 5



NUCFAC (2018 Grant Opportunity)





Landscape Scale Restoration (WFLC)





Tree Fund


Quarter prior to deadline


Staff/ Tree Fund

Hawaii Tourism Authority
Aloha `Aina Program 2018



Typical range $25-$50K


***A preproposal 6/15 followed by a complete proposal 9/15 and then attached to the annual proposal to the USFS by 12/1 would be ideally positioned to be considered in the normal UCF “base” or Level II grant funding to the State. Please call with questions or clarification.

Tips for Success: