Big Tree: A‘ali‘i

Big Tree: A‘ali‘i


Common Name: Hopbush

Scientific Name: Dodonaea viscosa 

Year Nominated: 2017

Nominated By: Karl Magnacca

Height: 38 ft

Circumference: 32 in

Crown Spread: 28 ft

Total Points: 77

Location: Kona Hema Preserve (The Nature Conservancy),  Hawai’i

Range: In Hawai’i, this tree can be found growing in sunny open areas in low to high elevations.

About this species: This species is indigenous to Hawaii and is one of the few native Hawaiian plants that can endure fires. Seeds of this tree will survive and grow to the burned area, making it a pioneer plant. A’ali’i are early colonizers of lava flows. Early Hawaiians used this plant for medicinal purposes while the colorful seed capsules were used in lei. The black heartwood of this tree was traditionally used for to craft canoes, weapons agricultural tools, and houses.

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