Big Tree: Neneleau

Big Tree: Neneleau


Common Name: Hawaiian Sumac

Scientific Name: Rhus sandwicensis

Year Nominated: 2017

Nominated By: Karl Magnacca

Height: 19 ft

Circumference: 20 in

Crown Spread: 26 ft

Total Points: 46

Location: Kaumana, Hawai’i

Range: The neneleau is most commonly found on the island of Hawaii and can be found in lowland forest areas higher than 600ft in elevation.

About the species: This perennial tree belongs to the Mango or Cashew family and is the only member of this family native and endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. Neneleau was used by Early Hawaiians to make calabashes. Wood of the neneleau tree was previously used by ranchers to make plows and yokes for oxen. Today, this tree is used to re-colonize old sugar cane fields and waste lands at low elevations.

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